In order to achieve the low and zero carbon challenges of the future, the Hub prides itself on multiple industry-wide collaborations. Here are some examples of its supporters to date.


Key Supporters

Active collaborators


First Wessex

First Wessex provide around 500 new homes each year in the South East. They are a key partner in delivering the work of the Hub and collaborate on several cutting edge housing sector research projects. The move towards zero carbon housing by 2016 makes the partnership all the more valuable so that both sides can learn about large scale preparation, development and delivery of housing in line with new standards.

Joint projects with the Hub (and other partners) include: the Rowner research project in Gosport; ‘Design versus As built’ performance review; "Overheating in new housing" publication; and embarking on the design of a new development that will incorporate the learning from the Hub’s work and act as a live test bed in the run up to 2016.


NHBC (National House-Building Council) is the leading warranty and insurance provider and standards setter for UK house-building for new and newly converted homes. As a non-profit distributing company, it reinvests all income in achieving its primary purpose; raising standards in housebuilding to protect homeowners.

Part of their re-investment has underpinned the Hub on its journey to date; whilst supporting an industry-wide collaboration and research campaign.


SIG360 Technical Centre offers house builders a totally impartial service in the selection of energy saving construction products. Linking, for the first time in the industry, product performance and cost, the Technical Team is dedicated to finding the most cost effective product combinations all supplied through the SIG Insulation. In addition the SIG360 Technical Centre service includes the provision of full ‘as designed’ and ‘as built SAP’, EPC’s, U value and condensation risk analysis and thermal modelling.



Saint-Gobain is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of construction products for the creation of a more sustainable built environment. Its global strategy is focused around meeting some of the fundamental challenges faced by the world today: reducing energy consumption, limiting our impact on the environment, and creating a new generation of buildings which are safe, comfortable and energy efficient. In the UK and Ireland, some of the best known and respected companies in the construction sector are part of the Saint-Gobain Group. 

Saint-Gobain UK is pleased to be a Key Supporter to the Hub, helping to coordinate industry views, find consensus and forge a way forward, so that the Government’s ambition for 2016 can be realised.

Robust Details Ltd

Robust Details Limited was formed in 2004 in response to the housebuilding industry’s request for an alternative to pre-completion sound testing (PCT) as a means of satisfying Building Regulations’ sound insulation requirements. Since then, tests and inspections on tens of thousands of new Robust Details-registered homes reveal a 98 per cent ‘pass rate’ measured against Building Regulations targets, with an average performance significantly higher than the regulatory minimum.

Robust Details Limited is pleased both to support and to share our knowledge and experience with the Zero Carbon Hub, with a view to helping the industry to achieve carbon reduction targets and to meet thermal efficiency standards.