What we do

The Zero Carbon Hub was established in 2008, as a non-profit organisation, to take day-to-day operational responsibility for achieving the government’s target of delivering zero carbon homes in England from 2016. Since then the Hub has worked with both government and industry with the focus on raising build standards and reducing the risk associated with implementing the Zero Carbon Homes policy. 
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Primary aim

To support the mainstream delivery of low and zero carbon homes in England.

Our three objectives

  • Creating confidence during change.
  • Reducing risk and obstacles.
  • Disseminating practical guidance.


In 2007 Government introduced a policy for all new homes to be constructed to meet a zero carbon standard from 2016. This was expected to be implemented through progressive tightening of the Building Regulations (Part L). To faciliate the implementation of this policy the Callcutt Review of House-building Delivery identified the need for a new body to make zero carbon homes a reality from 2016, and more than 25 organisations were consulted before the Zero Carbon Hub was launched on 28 June 2008.

Since its formation, the Zero Carbon Hub has been working with our many partners to ensure that tomorrow’s new homes are deliverable on site across the country and are attractive investments for purchasers, owners and lenders. 

The Hub activities include:

  • Developing the technical definition of a zero carbon home.
  • Commissioning and carrying out research.
  • Providing advice on managing the unintended consequences of building more energy efficient homes.
  • Providing guidance and information through publications.
  • Hosting events to create forums for discussion.
  • Updating the wider industry on changes to government policy.
  • Creating exemplar profiles to highlight innovative solutions which could be incorporated in whole-house energy solutions.