Allowable Solutions

What are Allowable Solutions?

Allowable solutions are part of the Government’s strategy for the delivery of mainstream zero carbon new homes from 2016. Through the mechanism of Allowable Solutions, the carbon emissions which can not be cost-effectively off-set on-site, after Carbon Compliance has been achieved, will be tackled though nearby or remote measures.

The specific framework under which Allowable Solutions will operate has not been defined yet.

Why are Allowable Solutions Needed?

The Hub was requested to review and research the concept of the Allowable Solutions and the principles under which they may operate. For this reason a series of documents have been produced by the Hub since 2011.

July 2011 September 2012 September 2012 February 2013

These documents show the progress of the Allowable Solutions and are for reference purposes only. 

Key Areas of Discussion

The Allowable Solutions consultation from DCLG provided a more clear understanding of how the framework may work. Some key areas of consideration, among others, included; how Allowable Solutions are applied; the delivery routes one may follow; options about what can be covered through Allowable Solutions; and how carbon prices may be set.

Some sample questions from the consultation document are provided below but it is strongly recommended to refer to the original document for a better understanding of the context they sit within. Click here to see the DCLG consultation document.

Potential Delivery Routes

  • 100% on-site or connected measures
  • Developer free to choose and develop off-site actions 
  • Contracting with third party Allowable Solutions provider
  • Payment to a fund investing in abatement projects
  • Other routes

How Allowable Solutions should be Provided

  • Prescribed list (menu)
  • Criteria based (list of rules)

How a Carbon Price should be Set

  • Allow the market to set its own price? 
  • Set a fixed price?
  • Set a ceiling price but enable Allowable Solutions to be brought forward at lower prices?
  • Set a floor price for Allowable Solutions? 

The Hub’s Allowable Solutions and Housing Standards review

After the consultation document was released the Hub ran a number of events in order to ‘read the pulse’ of the industry and LAs in regards to the different questions covered in the consultation document. These events attracted a wide range of audience. In each event the audience was requested to electronically vote on the different questions, after they have been individually assigned the sector they represent. The results of these series of events were collected and analysed by the Hub with a report being released on the findings in November 2013.

November 2013


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