Carbon Compliance Target

What Is Carbon Compliance?

The Carbon Compliance limit is the maximum permitted amount of CO2 (and other greenhouse gases expressed as equivalents) arising from a home’s heating, cooling, hot water use, fixed lighting and ventilation systems. 

This can be achieved by:

  • Ensuring an energy efficient approach to building design.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions on-site through low and zero carbon technologies.

The Carbon Compliance Limit is expressed in kgCO2(eq)/m2/year to provide a clear link with Government’s carbon reduction strategy, and it can be met by use of a wide range of heating/fuel types.

Recommended Carbon Compliance levels

Extensive work on Carbon Compliance was carried out in 2010 by Hub-led Task and Working Groups with members drawn from the house building and supply industries, related trade associations, consumer representatives and bodies with a specific interest in environmental objectives.

Proposals for Carbon Compliance levels were published in 2011 and represent a challenging but deliverable national minimum standard. Recommended levels are:

  • 10 kg CO2(eq)/m2/year for detached houses.
  • 11 kg CO2(eq)/m2/year for attached houses.
  • 14 kg CO2(eq)/m2/year for low rise apartment blocks (up to 4 storeys).

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